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Nails: Service

nexgen dip

Nexgen powder contains no fumes or harmful chemicals. Can be applied on natural nails or tips. A vitamin-based base coat is applied and then dipped in colored organic powder 2-3 times.

30 - 45 min.  $50

We’re ready for the weekend with this lovely pastel pink! 💕

acrylic full set/fill

Sculpted acrylic nails with OPI powder. Adding tips are no extra charge. Finished with a California Mango cuticle balm treatment and aloe vera and eucalyptus hand massage.

60 min.  $50 - $65


gel manicure

Warm hand soak with essential oils, filing, buffing, cuticle care, gel polish application, California Mango cuticle balm treatment, finished with a warm aloe vera and eucalyptus hand massage.

30 - 45 min.  $45

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